Sunday, 13 December 2009

December Work Party

The December work party was very well attended with quite a few new people there which is always good. One of the tasks was to replace the wooden fencing at Cogglesford Lock in Sleaford. Some local undesirables had stolen a scooter a month or two ago, lent it against the fence and set fire to it! This didn’t do the fence much good and made a mess of the scooter! Maybe one thing to be slightly grateful for was the fact that they didn’t then kick the remains into the lock. It would certainly have been more difficult to remove from there. The fence is now restored and probably more firmly installed than before because it was concreted in this time. There was also some remedial pointing to brickwork on the bridge so things look better overall.

Another group went off the Haverholme Lock to do a general sort out of vegetation and tidy up. Amazingly for December the weather was kind and the rain held off until everything was packed up. On days like that work parties are almost promotional events as there are usually any number of walkers stopping to chat and ask what’s going on.