Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sleaford Navigation Trust Newsletters

As an experiment, we have posted recent editions of the newsletter on; to download each one follow the links below:

Nunber 33 Winter 2010

Number 34 Spring 2011

and the latest issue, Number 35 Winter 2011, which will be distributed shortly by the usual means. 

Hopefully earlier editions will be posted in due course, to provide an SNT news archive!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November Work Party

On the 13th November the Trust held the monthly work party at Haverholme. The main aim of the day was to remove a Willow Tree that was starting to grow over and down into the water, the additional problem being that these branches were starting to root. First we needed to get decent access to the tree so numerous small branches were removed leaving any that were rooting with enough sticking up to get the Tirfor chain round. Then once the area was clear then the larger branches could be attacked. The final task was to remove the roots, this involved using the Tirfor winch. With the Tirfor firmly anchored to a tree trunk then the wire rope could be pulled out and chains fixed round the root, then it was simply a case of pumping the handle to pull the roots out!
The main problem then was to move the roots as the ground around them was so waterlogged that they very heavy so the decision was made to leave them till next time when, hopefully, they will have dried out sufficiently to be able to be moved.
In the end because of the time of year we were unable to complete the work due to lack of light. So next time the task will be to finish off trimming the tree and then moving the roots, maybe even a bonfire!