Saturday, 22 March 2008


Before refurbishment can start in the Summer there is a certain amount of preparation to complete, so on the 17th February a Work Party was held at Bottom Lock to carry out some initial work. An Ecological Survey had been carried out for the Trust by consultants ESL to check that there were no protected species in the area of the proposed works. There were no potential problems for us but it was recommended that any vegetation in the area that could be used as cover be stripped back to deter nesting, etc. This was our first task of the day but, in the event, little vegetation needed to be removed from the area.
The second task determined by our Engineer, Dave Pullen, was to find out the profile of the river bed below the lock so that a dam can be designed to ready the area for the work on replacing the gates. This was quite a complicated but low-tech process involving a boat, a rope, two men and a long pole. The task was achieved in the end but did afford some amusement to onlookers. Those who bet on a sinking were disappointed!

A general tidy up also took place and there was a large bonfire of wood gathered and piled up during previous work parties.
Steve Hayes
Two men and a pole

Two men and a Boat
Classic conversation of the day. Dave "Norman. My end's sinking." Norman "Well my end's OK"