Monday, 24 March 2008


The recent storms have caused an amount of damage on the Slea. On Saturday 1st March we received a phone call from the staff at Cogglesford Mill to say that two trees had blown down just below Cogglesford Lock and, ���������What could we do about it?��������� Our intrepid photographer, Debbie Scott, went down to have a look and confirmed that the situation was indeed quite serious. The two trees had blown down and, although not blocking the river, were blocking the footpath on the far bank. The following day was a work party so after the main task was completed a small number went along to assess the problem. On looking at the task it was decided that, although we had the tools to clear the footpath, it would make the situation more dangerous for the general public. The reason for this was that as the trees were falling they broke some of the branches of the trees on the other bank and some of them had not completely broken off and were swinging in the breeze. Any clearance could have left the Trust liable if there had been an accident. The Trust are grateful to Andy Martin who managed to get down to the river on the following Thursday to clear away both of the trees and to make the area safe.

Series of photos showing the trees after being blown down, during removal and the scene afterwards.