Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sleaford Sports Partnership Fun Day, Sunday 13th September

On the Sunday morning I went to pick up the trailer with all the gear in from storage and drove over to Sleaford Rugby Club. When I arrived I found that it was a lot windier than I had first thought and, although I got the large gazebo frame out of the trailer and its roof in place I decided that it would be a risky operation to go any further. Jenny Osbourne arrived shortly after and after enlisting help from some nearby RAF personnel we expanded the roof out to full stretch. Bearing in mind the wind, we were also very careful to attach the heavy duty guy ropes, it’s a large bit of canvas and I had visions of it being lifted off with us clinging to it floating towards Sleaford.

Despite trying to summon help from members of the work party at Cobblers (why is reception on mobiles awful when you have a real problem?) we made little real progress until Pat Taylor and Ellie Sowerby arrived with the stock. We had to use all the pegs to fasten down the walls of one gazebo that we would have normally used on both of them. Better safe than sorry!

The event proved popular with a steady stream of visitors to the stall and a great deal of support and interest was shown in the work of the Trust and in our current and future projects.

Thanks to all who helped in whatever capacity. It was good to be able to support a Sports Partnership event because on previous occasions dates have clashed and made our involvement very difficult.

Steve Hayes